VoIP Termination


  Offers customers of the Internet Solutions Alliance termination of outgoing international voice traffic which combines competitive prices with optimal service quality. International voice calls can be routed to any country in the world. The service is supported by continuous monitoring of all ISAs partners worldwide

Service benefits

  • very competitive prices
  • deep experience on the international voice market
  • cost savings - the customers do not need to invest in their own infrastructure
  • careful selection of partners providing their services on the global market
  • service suitable for all types of calls (fix, mobile, fax)
  • alternative routing is ensured for all destinations
  • flexible routing ensures consistent service quality
  • ASR value averages at least 60%
  • in most cases calls are routed through uncompressed 64 kbit/s channels
  • continuous service monitoring by the ISAs network monitoring centre

     Our service aims to help you improving your pricing structure and raise your competitiveness, as it did for many operators worldwide. 

Internet Solutions Alliance also seeks partners worldwide.