About Us

  Internet Solutions Alliance Inc., in Ontario, Canada, is an international communication provider over a foremost Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) technology. Using an existing high-speed Internet connection, ISAs technology enables anyone to make and receive phone calls - worldwide - with a touch-tone telephone.


   Internet Solutions Alliance offers its VoIP traffic termination services to Tier 1 Carriers, Tier 2 Resellers, and Calling Card companies. Our mission is to deliver high quality of long distance calls with the new Internet based cost structure. Utilizing our global network and advanced routing technologies, Internet Solutions Alliance offers an innovative and cost effective alternative to traditional telephony services. The possibility of reaching anyone, anytime, for less with close to traditional international call quality is the critical factor for many customers opted to move their traffic to ISAs network.


   Internet Solutions Alliance delivers the telecom services from Afghanistan to Zimbabwe. We span the globe, introducing more and more Points of Presence (PoPs) every year, to give greater connection opportunities to our customers.


   If you have any question please contact us, and we will be glad to bring ISAs technological innovations and cost saving solutions to you and your customers.