Voice over IP

ISA termination network

  The ISAs long-distance Voice over IP (VoIP) network solution is a set of network design and configuration strategies that provide trunk-level transport of global switched telephone traffic distributed over VoIP. To the subscriber, the long-distance service seems like any other inexpensive long-distance service.


VOIP channel termination wholesale

  We provide the low cost VOIP to PSTN phone termination in many countries that includes the mobile phone.

  Here is the basic information on our termination service:


  CISCO, Quintum


  g729r8 (cisco notation)


  E.164, send to us in Country Code + Area Code + Number (e.g. 7095xxxxxxxx for Moscow, Russia)


  Two weeks

Billing Increment

  Initial charge for 1 second with 1 second increment

Billing Term

  Terms vary by route, but are typically weekly billing with a 7 to 10 day deposit or a 10 to 14 day letter of credit

Channel Capability

  Route to PSTN directly


  In USD